Thank you for your booking…

We will now calculate the deposit due and send you an email shortly to confirm your booking. Please click on the link in your email and once your payment has been received your booking will have been confirmed.

Prices as of Jan 2017 – £6.00 per child (3+) ** £5.00 per child (2and under) ** £2.00 per adult ** Babies (1-) FREE

Deposit amount – £5.00 unless it is a larger party booking.

Please note that any bookings made online between 8pm and 9am will be processed the next day. If this is the day of your visit then payment will be cash / card on arrival, you will not receive a link for a deposit. If you have any concerns about your booking please call Vikki on 07832951856 during business opening hours.


Vikki Bustard

Owner – Plant and Play Wildlife Garden